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Trade Show

Shipping Information


1. Where do I unload or deliver my materials?

All truck deliveries must use the hotel receiving dock on McCrae Street. For shipped packages, deliver to the hotel Purchasing Department at the address below.


2. How should I label my shipped materials?

Label all shipped materials to:

The Omni Severin Hotel
C/O: Sandie Minguez/CGNA + Name of the
guest o
n site designated to receive the items)
40 West Jackson Place
Indianapolis, IN 4622


CGNA Conference, Sept. 27-29,
Box #__ of __ (Ex. Box #1 of 4)

3. When can I send my materials?

Materials should not arrive more than 2 days prior to your conference due to limited storage.

4. What about return shipping?

For return shipping, please attach labels with billing information to all boxes

5. Are there handling charges for inbound/outbound materials?

Handling charges apply: Free for 0 to 10 pounds, $10 for 10 to 20 pounds, $25 for more than 20 pounds, $100 for Crates, and $200 for Pallets. Pallet size cannot exceed 44”.

6. What is the outgoing package handling fee?

The outgoing package handling fee is $5 per box and $100 per crate.

Exhibitor Success Webinar

Join us for an event overview webinar on September 13th at 2 PM CST! We are excited to share essential event details and offer valuable insights to help prepare our trade show exhibitors for the upcoming CGNA Conference. Make sure to mark your calendars and be on the lookout for our email invitation. This crucial meeting is not to be missed!

Booth Setup Day + Time

Thursday  |  September 28
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Your boxes will be brought to the Trade Show Room
Severin Ballroom + Salon

What Does My Booth Include?

Preferred Vendor booths include (1) 6' table, two (2) chairs, and one (1) wastebasket.

If you require electricity at your booth, please let us know of your electrical needs, and we will contact the hotel for you.

Raffle Prizes

Feel free to bring along your prizes to include in our raffle! Your contributions will be appreciated and add to the excitement of the event.


If you bring a prize, stop by the CGNA Marketing Booth at the event, and we will ensure that the winner knows the prize is from you. We'll also attach your business card to the prize, ensuring your contact information gets noticed. Your participation will enhance the event and spotlight your business.

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