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Ron Hubsher


Ron Hubsher is an internationally acclaimed and recognized sales and negotiation effectiveness expert. 


Mr. Hubsher is CEO of the Sales Optimization Group (an international sales and negotiation training and consulting organization. The company assists clients in technology, health services, medical devices, financial services; professional services, business services and manufacturing accelerate sales by using its patented sales and negotiation methodologies and toolsto increase close rates, reduce discounting, accelerate the sales, bring opportunities in as forecasted and make sure clients achieve their goals and hit their numbers. 

Some of their notable clients include Google, ADP, GE, Xerox, 3M, Walgreens, Oracle, Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, WebMD, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, Walgreens, Prudential, ADT, Western Digital, Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Siemens, FIS Global, Tyco, Columbia Business School, Workday, Constellation Energy, DocuSign and others. 

He is the architect of numerous proven patented processes and methodologies to optimize and accelerate sales and negotiation success. His patents are approved and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Ron is the author of the acclaimed and ground-breaking book “Closing Time: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation” which is based on his research of world class sales organizations. 

He is regularly asked to participate, contribute, present and share his sales thought leadership at many conferences and with publications world-wide including Forbes, BusinessWeek, LA Times, Inc. Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, America Marketing Association, Columbia Business School, Wharton Alumni Association, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Sales Leadership Roundtable, CBS Executive Speaker Series, Harvard Law School, National Association of Small Business Investment Companies, The Indus Enterprise, Marketing Executives Network Group , Webex, CRM Radio, CRM Guru, Professional Society of Sales and Marketing Training, Association for Corporate Growth, The Strategic Account Management Association, Sales Management Association, Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust, Dreamforce and others. He is an Executive Member of The Forbes Coaching Council. 

He has over 25 years of sales and sales management experience. Prior to the Sales Optimization Group, Mr. Hubsher was in sales management at a poineerin SaaS CRM provider UpShot (acquired by Siebel, acquired by Oracle) where he helped hundreds of companies accelerate sales and negotiation performance. A former Management Consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Mr. Hubsher has worked with and provided thought leadership for Fortune 500 companies on their sales, negotiation and business strategies 

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